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6 Tips on How to Review Your Poker Hands Effectively

You already know that studying poker is essential if you want to improve your game and compete at a higher level. However, poker is not a one-time learn-it-all; it requires continual learning. That means you must study your every move and go through your poker hands in all the games you play.

Reviewing the hands you’ve played is one of the most effective self-improvement tasks. It isn’t passive study, where you go over a bad hand or one where you complain about it. That is about active poker study sessions in which you analyze your specific hand and gain a full-rounded investigation of places that affect your overall game. It is crucial, especially if you play at tournaments or online.

Tips To Review Your Hands Effectively

It would be best to reflect on your performance every time you play – where you went wrong, where you did good, what are your good poker hands, and where you can grow. Poker is also a game of skill and variance, so if you actively watch your play, you will see significant changes over time.

It will help you identify a pattern of behavior that you have created at the table and will also help you break away from it. It will assist you in honing your game and reap the benefits over time.

Search for Improvement

Ensure you aren’t looking exclusively for the outcome of the hands you have played when evaluating hands online. Losing occasionally on a hand doesn’t necessarily indicate that you didn’t play well.

Hands don’t always go your way; sometimes, it’s just a matter of luck. Spend time unpacking things with the notable, significant hands, nevertheless. Even though evaluating those hands is vital, don’t limit your search to those you lost with. Pay closer attention to poker winning hands to learn what worked well, what could be improved upon, or what could be repeated.

Look For Free Forums

Several excellent poker forums exist. If you don’t know where you went wrong, simply post the hand. You can write a thread and introduce yourself.

Simply get involved, ask questions, and lend a helping hand when difficulties arise. These online forums are where most players with different levels of expertise are found. They can help you with a hand you are trying to understand.

Make Notes

One of the most severe issues for prospective poker players is the trap of temporary learning. Epiphanies are fleeting, and concepts become twisted over time owing to a lack of reinforcement.

Take notes on the out-of-game thought process and compare it to how you were thinking in-game at the time of the hand. This analysis might reveal erroneous assumptions or muddled thinking that led to errors during live play.

The key to lowering the recurrence of these errors is to write down what mistakes occurred, why you made them at the time, and how you plan on improving your mental process in similar areas.

Utilize Poker Tools

The extra benefit of online poker is that it comes with many useful tools and software. This technical assistance can help you evaluate your poker card hands more smoothly.

Some of these tools are free, while others need payment. They are instrumental when reviewing your hands since they precisely maintain track of all the games you have paid for, like Texas Holdem online.

To play poker professionally, you should invest in these instruments. Check with the platform you’re playing to see which tools are permitted and which are not. Always utilize software that has been formally licensed and recognized.

Consult a Coach

If you try to locate the answer on your own and cannot find a solution, it may be time to employ a poker coach and pick their brain. It is the most expensive solution, but the more significant the leak, the more valuable it becomes.

The best suggestion is to either have several hand examples of the same leak available for the coach – or to wait until you have identified 3-5 leaks before scheduling your first coaching session. Ask as many questions as possible since hiring a coach is costly but worth it.

Utilize Simulators

Simulation software works incredibly well when utilized appropriately. You may duplicate the authentic experience you believe you need to concentrate on.

Poker simulators may be used to mimic the equity of your essential Texas Holdem hands. You can choose or make a note of hands in which you had a 30% chip swing and advanced to the showdown. Then, run these hands through the simulator at the locations where you put the majority of your chips in. From now on, you will be able to simulate your poker hand’s EV(expected value) and compare it to the pot odds.


Every poker professional knows that hand review helps them improve their strategies. So, if you think returning to your previous hand is not essential, think again. Reviewing your hands will shed some light on how you play, and you’ll be able to spot leaks that you can correct, so on your next game, you know what to do. Try the tips mentioned above to help you start reviewing your previous hands.

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