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Best place | 2023 | hermit village elden ring

Best place | 2023 | hermit village Elden ring


As the world becomes increasingly digital, many people are looking for ways to disconnect from the hectic pace of life. For some, this means searching for a remote place to live in peace and quiet. If you’re thinking of living in a hermit village in the coming years, here are the five best places to do so. Best place | 2023 | hermit village elden ring

What is Elden Ring?

It is shown as a spiritual successor to Bloodborne and Dark Souls, taking place in the same world and featuring similar gameplay mechanics. The story follows a group of adventurers traveling through the ring of fire, encountering dangerous creatures along the way.

The Best Things about Elden Ring

Elden Ring has many great things, but the best may be its sense of community. Players can join forces with others to take on challenging quests, or simply chat and make friends while they explore the lush landscape. The village itself is a close-knit community that ensures everyone feels welcome. There’s no shortage of activities to keep players busy, either – from fishing in the lake to exploring the dungeons below the village. And if all that sounds too tame for your taste, there are always plenty of quests waiting to be completed.

The Worst Things about Elden Ring

  1. The Worst Things about Elden Ring

Elden Ring is not a perfect game, but there are some serious problems with it that can ruin your experience. Here are five of the worst:

  1. Combat is tedious and poorly designed

The combat in Elden Ring is clunky and difficult to execute. The fighting feels like a chore rather than an exciting confrontation with enemies. This makes exploring the world and completing quests nearly impossible, as you’ll constantly be busy trying to avoid or overpower enemies instead of exploring and discovering new areas.

  1. There’s little incentive to explore

Elden Ring’s world is bland and uninspired. There are few interesting landmarks or places to visit, and the story unfolds very slowly thanks to its glacially paced dialogue trees. The lack of exploration also means that valuable items are almost always hidden away in unreachable places, making them frustratingly hard to find.

  1. The story is convoluted and ill-executed

Elden Ring’s story is incredibly confusing and poorly executed. It takes far too long for things to start making any sense, and the characters are bland and unlikeable. There’s no real payoff for following the storyline, other than a few vague references to the wider world beyond Elden Ring that have little impact on the game itself.

  1. The graphics are dated and ugly

Elden Ring’s graphics feel outdated and unpolished compared to many other games


If you’re looking for a remote place to call home in 2023, the hermit village Elden Ring might be the perfect spot. Located in the middle of nowhere, this community offers all the privacy and tranquility you could hope for. If you’re interested in learning more about this intriguing option, be sure to check out our article on the best places | 2023 | hermit village Elden ring!

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