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Find out about the brown bear car wash:

The brown bear car wash is a network of car washes in the United States of America that is headquartered in the state of Washington. It was established in Seattle in 1957, and as of 2021, it has 49 sites across the United States, making it the twelfth largest car wash chain in the country.

Celebrates 65 Years of brown bear car wash

Brown Bear Vehicle Wash Celebrates 65 Years! In honour of the business’s 65th anniversary, brown bear car wash will be giving away free car washes on Thursday, August 25.
According to a press release, the company, which has its headquarters in Seattle and is owned by a family, has celebrated its birthday by giving away 513,157 free “Beary Clean” car washes over the past 15 years. This was done to honour veterans as well as those who are currently serving in the military on Veterans Day. The programme held the year before was successful in cleaning 32,639 automobiles and trucks from the Puget Sound region. More about…

In a press release, brown bear car wash founder and CEO Victor Odermat stated, “This has become a tradition for us, and it is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the loyal customers who have supported us for over 65 years.” The statement was made in response to a question about the significance of the tradition. “It’s going to be a hectic day, but we’re going to make it enjoyable by celebrating with our customers while doing something good for the environment.”
This year, there will be free vehicle washes available at 28 different sites between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. To find out more, please click here.

The car-washing business will once again be run by the Brown Bear family:

After a seven-year absence from the business, the Seattle-based founders of brown bear car wash have reclaimed ownership and control of the operation. They have also said that they want to improve the business’s 30 locations in the state of Washington.
Car Wash Enterprises, Inc., which is currently led by president Vic Odermat and was established in 1995, leased 18 automated and 10 self-service car washes to Tosco Corporation in 1995. Tosco Corporation was subsequently bought by Phillips Petroleum Company.
“They wanted to focus more on refining and exploration, and they approached us wanting to get out from under their leases,” said Vic’s son, Lance, who is Car Wash Enterprises’ vice president and general counsel. The merger between Phillips and Conoco Inc. took place in September 2002.
The 32-year-old attorney Lance Odermat had been in practise for two years when he stated that he “had grown to lament the fact that my dad had leased the business, so when they approached us, it was just an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up, and we couldn’t pass it up. It was primarily up to me to decide.

According to the younger Odermat:

According to the younger Odermat, ConocoPhillips paid Car Wash Enterprises an amount that was kept confidential in order to cancel the leases.
In addition, he did not specify how long the leases were for, although he did say that they were “long-term.”
It was in 1962 on Seattle’s 15th Avenue West that his father opened the first Brown Bear Car Wash, and he will now take over leadership of the firm.
According to the younger Odermat, now that the car washes are once again in the hands of the family. There will be some alterations made.
Staff at the company’s 26 sites in Western Washington. And its four branches in Spokane have started wearing white shirts and ties to look more professional.

Reducing wait times and pricing. Along with other improvements such as repainting, remodeling, and landscaping, as well as replacing signage, are on the agenda for all of the sites.

Additionally, the business intends to open one or two new car washes each year. In the Western Washington area and maybe in the Spokane area as well.

The fact that such expansion and upgrading will incur expenses. In the current economic climate, the younger Odermat is certain that the company will eventually be profitable.

“Why washing at Brown Bear is beneficial for the environment and how washing your car with us”

brown bear car wash
Brown Bear Car Wash

The finish of your car will be protected against abrasions by our cutting-edge machinery, which includes:

When you hand wash your automobile. This results in the accumulation of small scratches over time. Which harms the overall appearance of your vehicle and reduces its potential market value. When compared to hand washing, the use of our equipment. Which is meticulously maintained, causes far less abrasion. And other damage to the finish of your vehicle. In fact, we have a full-time staff of highly skilled maintenance workers. Whose job it is to make sure that our machinery is always in top shape.

The following types of environmentally friendly detergents have been developed with our area in mind:

Your vehicle will shine like new with the help of our carefully developed cleaning solutions. That are safe for the environment, do not include caustic solutions, and do not contain any phosphates. In addition, our cleaning solutions are biodegradable. The equipment we use to wash cars has the right amount of water pressure to get rid of detergent film.

The manufacturers of automobiles advise against washing hands:

It is simple for sponges and rags to accumulate and keep hold of minute fragments of abrasive particles. Consequently, washing your hands might be comparable to rubbing the paint on your automobile with very fine sandpaper. In addition, the volume of water or the pressure produced by your garden hose might not be sufficient to effectively remove all traces of detergent. At Brown Bear, we follow the instructions in the owner’s manuals of well-known car brands like Ford

  • General Motors
  • BMW
  • Lexus
  • Infiniti
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Porsche
  • Chrysler

among others.

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