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Buy Single Over Single and Twin Over Twin Beds Online

Different studies and research has shown that getting quality sleep is as important as regular exercise, healthy eating, and a well-balanced diet. The quality of sleep you get can affect your mood and majorly affect your mental and physical health.

One of the reasons why you need to buy twin over twin beds is for comfort. You are often more likely to have a comfortable sleep when your bed size is bigger. Provided your bed fits well in your bedroom, it is a great choice to shop single over single beds.

You need to consider important factors before buying single over single and twin over twin beds online.

This article will explain some of these factors. Let’s get into it.

#1. The Number of People Sleeping on the Bed

The number of people that will sleep on the bed regularly is an essential factor to consider before you shop single over single beds. This is because single beds are designed to suit one person and are often made for very small bedrooms.

On the other hand, for two people to sleep comfortably, we will recommend that you buy twin over twin beds. This is most suitable for single adults and couples that want a comfortable night’s sleep.

#2. Your Height

Height is also essential in deciding if you should shop single over single beds. Generally, the bed you choose should at least be 10cm longer than the tallest person sleeping in it.

We recommend this so that no one has to curl up in bed or keep their feet dangling at the edge of the bed. If anyone who will be sleeping on the bed is taller than 5ft 11, then you need to buy twin over twin beds.

#3. Your Bedroom Size

Consider the side of your bedroom the next time you want to buy twin over twin beds online. The size of your bed should be proportional to the size of your bedroom.

This is to prevent small beds from looking lost in large rooms and large beds from making a small room appear even smaller. To guide you on this, consider a 1:3 ratio of beds in the bedroom.

However, you should also leave space in the room to enable you to walk the bed edges comfortably.

#4. The Type of Furniture Will You Need in the Room

Your bed will most likely not be the only piece of furniture in your bedroom. It is therefore advisable that you create enough space for other pieces of furniture.

From the table at your bedside, wardrobe, chest of drawers, and even chairs, your pieces of furniture should have at least 24 to 30 inches of space between the bed so that you can move around easily. You can decide to measure your room to ensure that your bed fits well enough.


Now you have an idea of what you should consider before you buy single over single and twin over twin beds online, make a decision and purchase that bed today.

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