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Hanner funeral service details


When someone dies, the process of mourning can be cathartic and therapeutic. For families affected by death, hanner funeral service is an important way to connect with their loved one again in a meaningful way. Hanner funeral service provides families with access to the deceased’s remains in a dignified and respectful manner, as well as the opportunity to share memories and condolences with one another. In addition to providing bereaved families with essential services, it offers significant cost benefits over traditional funeral practices.

What is this company?

It is a funeral home that provides a wide range of services and products to meet the needs of the modern funeral consumer. They offer full service funerals and cremations as well as direct burial services. Their facilities include a chapel, mortuary, crematorium, and gardens. It also offers pre-planned funerals and memorial services as well as customized funerals for those who need them.

What services does Hanner provide?

It details provide comprehensive and caring services for all of your funeral needs.

These services include:

1- Coordinating and arranging funerals for families in need

2- Funeral planning and consultation for individuals

3- Burial & cremation services

4- Cremation chapel service

5- Memorials

How much does Hanner charge for services?

Hanner funeral service details:

The services offered by Hanner include traditional burial and cremation, as well as memorial services.

The burial options available through Hanner include graveside or in-ground cremation. The memorial service options available through Hanner include a private ceremony with a minister, a public memorial service, or a shared memorial service where families can share memories and condolences.

To learn more about the services offered by Hanner funeral home, or to schedule an appointment, please contact them today.

What is included in a funeral service at Hanner?

A funeral service at Hanner will typically include a liturgy, hymns, readings from the Bible or other religious texts, and a eulogy. The service may also include music, flowers, and a burial or cremation.

Is there an obituary service?

Visitation will be from 3-7pm on Wednesday, May 9th and from 10-11am on Thursday. The service itself will begin at 11am.

Hanner was born April 20, 1922 in Ranson, West Virginia and passed away Saturday, May 5th 2018 at the age of 91 years old. She was married to her husband Jack for 65 years before his death in 2006. Hanner was a homemaker and enjoyed spending time with her family and friends.

In lieu of flowers please consider donating to a charity or memorial fund that is dear to her heart.

How can I make arrangements for a funeral at Hanner?

If you are mourning the death of a loved one, there are many ways to honor their memory. A funeral service can be a beautiful way to celebrate their life and mark their passing. Hanner Funeral Service offers a variety of funeral arrangements to fit your needs. We have options for both private and public services, and we can help plan everything from the ceremony to the graveside burial.

About this company

We know that planning a funeral is difficult, so we offer personalized support throughout the process. Our experienced staff will help you choose the perfect coffin or burial plot, and our professional casket makers can create a beautiful tribute that will comfort you in your time of mourning.

To learn more about our funeral services or to schedule an appointment, please contact Hanner Funeral Service today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you a closer look at our unique offerings.


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