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How Can Over-Exfoliation Harm Your Skin?

What Is Over-Exfoliating Exactly?

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Peeling is a vital stage in your week after week skincare schedule. Simply washing your skin with a chemical wouldn’t perfect your skin pores or eliminate the dead skin develop. It expects cleaning to wipe out additional sebum oil, dead skin cells and soil stuck inside your skin pores. Shedding decreases the opportunity of skin inflammation breakout, dryness and bluntness. It gives your skin a hydrated and dewy sparkle and assists skincare items with getting consumed into your skin without a hitch.

Peeling is finished in two distinct ways sorted under actual shedding and synthetic shedding. Actual shedding happens utilizing water and scouring particles on your skin while compound peeling utilizes acids like BHA (beta-hydroxy corrosive) and AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) [1]. Salicylic corrosive, glycolic corrosive and lactic acids are ordinarily utilized as substance exfoliants. [2]

Yet, the two cases have a limitation on the recurrence of use. Since regardless of the number of advantages peeling that offers, over-shedding your skin is essentially as terrible as not having a skincare routine by any stretch of the imagination.

While shedding more than once per week is ordinary, a more prominent recurrence can make issues. Fortunately, it is not difficult to distinguish assuming that you are over-shedding your skin. Your skin will give you obvious indicators of over-shedding, for example, –

Skin disturbance
Skin aggravation
Rash-like skin surface
Tough situations
Unfortunate beam on the skin

What Happens If You Exfoliate Too Much?

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1. Extra Shiny Skin
Shedding works on the skin’s surface. It smooths your skin’s surface and gives you a gleam. Yet, over-peeling adds an undesirable sheen and the facial skin, particularly the T zone looks extra sparkly like plastic. This is definitely not a decent sign as the excessively gleaming skin demonstrates that the upper layer of skin has been impacted because of over-shedding.

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2. Expanding
Exaggerating shedding can likewise cause expanding. At the point when you clean your skin, the exfoliant substances hurt your skin and harm the lipid obstruction. Your skin begins expanding and looks ruddy. In any case, the issue is way more profound than it looks from an external perspective. At the point when the external layer of your skin is compromised, it becomes powerless against outside dangers like poisons, allergens and so on.

3. Skin inflammation Breakout
Over-peeling can likewise prompt a skin inflammation breakout. From the beginning, unnecessary shedding aggravates your skin’s surface. Gradually, the irritation grows into a skin inflammation breakout. Along these lines, assuming your skin gives indications of skin inflammation after shedding, this demonstrates that you are not getting everything done as needs be.

4. Skin Peeling
Now and again, over-peeling may likewise turn your skin dry and flaky. You might encounter a couple of flaky patches tumbling off in little pieces. Over-peeling eliminates a lot of lipid obstruction of your skin which prompts an absence of dampness. Your skin becomes delicate to the sun or any unforgiving external components. Therefore, it begins drying out and stripping.

5. Uncommonly Tight Skin
The layers of your skin comprise of collagen and elastin, two critical parts to give your skin an energetic appearance. At the point when you harm the layers with over-peeling, the adaptability of your skin is likewise hurt. It makes your skin strangely close and dull. You might feel awkward with the unbending nature of your skin.

How To Treat Over-Exfoliated Skin?

1. At the point when your skin begins giving indications of once again shedding, the principal thing you ought to do is to quit peeling your skin right away.

2. Applying an ice block on your disturbed skin can present to you some help.

3. Quit utilizing items like frothing cleaning agents, retinol or against maturing, hostile to skin break out creams as they can be unforgiving on your skin.

4. To mitigate a generally aggravated skin, apply emollient-rich creams or gel. Aquaphor, water cover, hydrocortisone are incredible choices.

5. Applying aloe vera extricate is likewise proposed to decrease redness and aggravation. You can get aloe vera gel from the market or you can take aloe vera separate from the plant straightforwardly.

6. “Relieving creams and gels are recommended with fixings, for example, cucumber removes,” says Abhisikta Hati, Senior Product Development Executive, SkinKraft.

7. Utilize a delicate cream and compound free items on your skin.

8. Control from cosmetics till the aggravation dies down. In the event that your calling or way of life doesn’t permit it, then, at that point, if it’s not too much trouble, avoid potential risk.

9. Additionally, ensure that every one of the items you use are liberated from counterfeit aromas. Such aromas frequently lead to hypersensitive responses and keeping away from them is ideal.

10. Over-peeling makes your skin very touchy. That is the reason you should wear sunscreen each time your skin is presented to daylight. Any other way, sun related burn and intensity rashes could happen.

11. Modifying your skin’s lipid hindrance ought to be your concentration. Take a stab at utilizing items with fixings like hyaluronic corrosive, glycerine, squalane and shea margarine and so forth.

How Long Does It Take For Over-Exfoliation To Heal?

The recuperation timing after over-shedding relies heavily on how serious your skin harm is. Check assuming your skin has recuperated from noticeable signs like disturbance, redness, aggravation and so forth. On the off chance that indeed, your skin is all set back to an ordinary healthy skin routine. In any case, go slowly and protected after recuperation. Specialists suggest peeling just once per week for all skin types.

The most extreme measure of skin shedding you can select, is two times per week. For those having confronted ongoing skin harm, shedding once seven days ought to be great. Be very cautious and delicate with your skin while scouring. In the event that you have an extreme response because of over-shedding, counsel a dermatologist for guidance.

Wrapping Up


Skin shedding is as fundamental for the skin as other skincare steps like purifying and saturating. However, a lot of anything can never accomplish something beneficial to anybody. Subsequently, keeping it inside a cutoff is the best thing to do. As suggested by skin health management specialists, shedding a few times per week is adequate to keep up with your skin’s wellbeing.

Pick an exfoliant according to your skin type and lead a little preliminary prior to utilizing the item on your whole skin. A little fix trial of your exfoliant will limit the potential outcomes of hypersensitive responses and skin consume.

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