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How Does Vastu Affect Your Daily Life?

We spend most of the time doing things that we love at home. We expect great peace and affluence as well as positivity. Vastu’s directions for the home are essential due to this. It helps create an overall positive vibe.

We consider some crucial factors when we purchase a new house. These can include dimension, price, and area. Apart from these, there is one factor that should be in consideration, which is to check whether the house is Vastu compliant.

Vastu plays an integral part in our life. It can result in both positive and negative impacts. Read further to know about the Vastu directions for the house.

Directions and Their Impact On Our Home


North direction reflects the overall financial situation of the family members. Any possible Vastu defect in this direction of the house could translate well into a lack of adequate finances, unforeseen rise in loan amounts, outlays, etc.

According to aVastu expert near me, one must ensure no bathroom or clutter exists in the northern direction. It is also not suggested to have a kitchen in the north of order. A vastu defect could additionally be induced by any cuts or renovations made to the building that faces north.


Vastu principles say a house should not have a septic tank, sewage disposal plants, or a dining area in the southern direction. Adverse south effects might induce residents to suffer a loss of employment, legal disputes, lack of recognition, and eye-related ailments.


According to a Vastu consultant, installing large windows, electric motors, pits, wells, or unwanted extensions or cuts in the western direction is not advised.

Poor Western elements can contribute to poverty and chest ailments among home residents. There is a good chance that the bad Vastu energy emerging from the West is why the daughter of the home is enduring tremendous agony and sorrow.


Your house’s eastern side is where the negative Vastu energy is located if you are having trouble getting recognition and coping with medical issues and unstable relations. Vastu principles state that the placement of the stairs, bathroom, kitchen, and high-rise walls in this direction hurts the inhabitants.

Being a homeowner, ensure that the eastern parts of the house have quite a few open spaces drawing sunlight in the morning. The east direction is deemed to be among the most vital principles. Additionally, any cut or needless extension that is imbalanced with the overall energy dynamics of the house can result in a possible Vastu defect.

North East

As per a Vastu consultant online, the northeast direction covers the element of luck. Any Vastu defect in this direction might bring about bad luck and hardship. There can be possibilities of family quarrels, legal disharmonies, accidents, and surgeries due to a bad Vastu element in the northeast areas of your home.

Avoid incorporating a staircase, bathroom, kitchen, or overhead tank in the northeastern direction. You should also keep away the heavy items from this direction to reduce the adverse effects of Vastu.

South West

According to Vastu experts, the southwest direction is perfect for the bedroom. The southwest direction emphasizes the natural element “earth,” which is an indication of heaviness. All at once, the southwest direction should not be considered for a guest room, servant room, or a kid’s bedroom.

North West

Northwest can be a great direction to place your bathroom. If your home’s bathroom is in the wrong order, it might result in problems with wealth and many health-related issues, according to a Vastu consultant. Also, ensure not to have an underground water tank, kitchenette, main entrance, and temple in this direction.

 South East

Southeast is believed to be the best direction for the kitchen of your house, according to Vastu principles. However, there are better Vastu directions for the dining room. For the dining room, consider the west approach. The entry door or gate must be in the southeast for a south-facing home.

 Vastu Tips for Home        

  1. Hang a horseshoe on the main door of your house with its ends pointing upwards to attract positive vibes. According to Vastu, a horseshoe is believed to be a good luck charm.
  2. Put some sea salt in the corners of your home. This will help clean the air and eradicate all the negativity.
  3. Keep fish aquariums in the northeast direction of your living room. They are believed to bring in an optimistic feeling.
  4. Place some pyramids over a shelf or table at the main door. These are a perfect alternative to amplify the décor and get rid of all the negative energies, as well.

Summing Up

Vastu direction for a home impacts the property’s negative and positive energies. For a bedroom, the ideal Vastu direction is either North, Northeast, or East. It would help if you avoided the southwest direction for a kid’s bedroom as it may not be favorable for the little ones.

You can go in the West, south, north, or even east direction for the kid’s room or your study room. Keeping all the information mentioned above regarding Vastu directions in mind, you can hope for positive energy and a happy life.

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