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How To Create an Alluring Vape Cartridge Packaging?

Vaping is an emerging trend that has successfully replaced tobacco smoking. It is a convenient and safe way of smoking. People always prefer quality with convenience. One can use one vape device multiple times as it is an electronic cigarette that can be used again and again. You just have to refill the cartridge with e-juice. To protect this cartridge, vape cartridge packaging plays an integral role.

Your product presentation describes you and convinces the customers to make a purchase. Therefore, you must consider product vape cartridge packaging as a crucial factor in your business. If you simply use it for only protection, you will be deprived of several perks that an effective packaging solution can bestow you with. Let’s discuss some tips with which you can get an effective solution.

Choose A Strong and Durable Material

The credibility of packaging material matters a lot. It can either help you win or lose in the market competition. Therefore, you must use a packaging material that can protect your product in the best ways. Cardboard material is a remarkable option in this regard. It has enough strength that can provide your vape pens with great protection. It is also non-vulnerable to heat and pressure and therefore keeps the items intact.

As we know that vape pen is not a one-off product, it needs a long-term encasement for its sustainability. The quality and scent of e-liquid must remain fresh so that the customer will feel good every time he vapes. Cardstock material is highly durable and therefore it helps you in keeping the vape quality and taste fresh for a long time.

Create A Simple but Unique Design

Product packaging is a great manifestation of brand image. You can build a professional impression once you start using evenly customized packaging. To attain this goal, you must design an interactive design. The box design should be simple and user-friendly so that it would not frustrate the consumer. You can use a different style of the box such as

  • Slotted boxes
  • Foldable boxes
  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Rigid boxes
  • Drawer boxes

These designs are mainly used for product packaging and so they are common. What makes the box style unique is how you create its outer layout. Make an interactive layout so that every detail can be easily understood and no confusion will occur.

Print Brand Features

Make a full marketing use of your vape packaging. Packaging is a great marketing tool that also cuts down your cost for other advertisement channels. You just have to know how to do it right. When we talk about branding, the very first thing that comes to mind is surely the peculiar name of the corporation or a brand. Therefore, printing your brand features on packaging boxes is an essential factor. These features are:

  • Brand name
  • Logo design
  • Advertisement quotes or tagline

These features are of great importance; therefore, they must be highlighted on the packaging box. For this purpose, you can use simple printing if you have a low budget. However, you may use vibrant colors in this regard. But if you have a high budget and you want to include a luxurious touch, you may use gold or silver aluminum foiling.

Use Attractive Colors

Colors define your brand personality and convince the audience to buy your product. Therefore, you must choose those colors that are the best interest driving agents. You may meet this goal by taking into consideration the customer’s likeness. It can be done by analyzing a particular type of audience such as you can choose printing colors based on age. A group of youngsters may get inclined to a product that looks more vibrant while adults will get enticed to mute colors.

You may also include a variety of color themes. It will help you to know how habitual people are in buying a particular design product. For instance, if a person gets bored of a product, you can offer him more products that look unique and attractive. In this way, you can surely increase the chances of sales.

Include Precise Details

A product packaging can be an effective salesman. It can inform the customers about the product. For this purpose, you must include details that are the best representative of your product such as you can include a unique logo design that can inform the customer about the peculiarity of the product. You may also print the flavor of the e-juice along with certain graphics. In this way, the customers will get to know about the product more easily.

You can use different printing options for this purpose. For instance, if you want to go with flat printing due to a small budget, you can use simple flexography or other printing techniques. But if you have a high budget, you may go for high-end options such as embossing for haptic print, debossing for sunken print, and aluminum foiling.

Do A Proper Finishing

Create a professional image by using different finishes. For instance, you can use different laminations and varnishes. You may use spot UV to make the packaging surface protective. It also gives a sleek texture to the surface. Besides, you may also use gloss or matte coatings, metallic coating, aqueous coating, or soft-touch varnish.

You can choose a certain type of coating as per your interest and budget. Some brands also use PVC lamination. Anyhow, all these finishes play a vital role in improving your product value and therefore influence customer behavior.

Use Inserts

Inserting or cushioning plays an integral part in making the packaging more protective. These inserts also help you in creating a professional impression and they are mostly used in rigid boxes. These inserts are of different types such as cardboard sheets, foam core, and styrofoam sheets. These inserts also help you in safe shipment and protect the product from bumping and damage.


If you want to get an effective packaging solution for your vape pens, get vape cartridge custom packaging with certain customizations. Choose an effective material and get a unique design packaging. Use different add-ons and get a competitive packaging solution.

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