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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022?


Creating new and entertaining content on Instagram takes time and as others say, “time is money”. To support content creators and businesses, Instagram offers several ways for them to monetize their accounts.
Social networks invest heavily in the economy of creators. Meta has announced plans to invest $ 1 billion in the creator economy by the end of 2022. For influencers and creators, that means you can get paid for your creative work.
On the business side, the tools made available to you by these networks make it easier to collaborate with brand creators. In this mutually beneficial relationship, everyone wins in the creative economy.
In this article, we will discuss 7 easy ways to make money on Instagram. As a business, it is important that you become familiar with these techniques so that you can use them in your own marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing

If you can reach coveted influence status you can use your Instagram account to promote all the products by all the brands.if you are not a familiar, an influencer is the person who has built a reputation and loyal followers by posting regularly on Instagram. They have loyal followers and they have the ability to convince their followers to jump into that certain brand and buy their products.
As they have spent a lot of time building trust and relationships with their followers. The brand contacts them to promote their products as brands want their product spread all around in the world. For this you have to grow your followers as well as you regularly come up with posts that generate strong engagement with your followers.

Become an affiliate and make money by selling other products

You can sell other people’s products and get a commission from them.there are a lot of people in the world who make money by this. The difference between an influencer and an affiliate is that an affiliate works and gets commission after sale of the products but on the other hand influencer gets his fixed price and has no interest with how much products sell or not. He has to promote products and tell people about its pros and cons. He has no problem whether product sales or not he gets his money. haino teko

Become an assistant to influencer

You can also earn money by becoming an assistant to influencers .Your work is to make some groups and pages on the name of that brand and promote its products.in this way the brand’s products promote well and the sale of products of that brand increases. By seeing products selling more brands come to you and you will get a handsome amount of money by becoming an assistant to an influencer.

Sell Instagram captioned service

Many small businesses owners sell their products on Instagram and only few of them have ability to write some good words about their products.if you are good creative man then you can sell your services to those companies.just remember one thing that they will judge you only by their captions written on your posts.to get the attention of these people you have to write some good captions on your posts in your Instagram profile.then you can include the one that has best engagement with your followers.

Sell poster photos and other virtual products

The beautiful products and photos will get more sales on Instagram.as Instagram is all about visuals. You can make some videos and photos that are full of visuals and you can post it in your account and make money. The second one is that you can sell these images to some specific websites that only have photos. You can sell them and you will get the commission every time when anyone downloads it or you will get the fixed price from the company.

Sell your own physical products

You can sell any of your physical products that you have made for yourself or you have bought from any supplier. You can get your profit from this. You should have some place to store these products and there is also a possibility that you can start your shop on Instagram too.

Sell drop shipped products

It is a business model that you can use to run your store without any investment. This is an easy way to earn a lot of money.This way is the same as affiliate marketing.in this you are connected with a business or a brand whose products you promote on your timeline or on other social media platforms and you will get a commission after product sale.you urge people and your loyal audience to buy the products.


Creators with a highly engaged fan base may want to take advantage of Instagram’s Subscriptions program. With this program, creators can set their own monthly fees and allow their fans to sign up from their profile page. Subscribers will have access to exclusive content and benefits such as Lives, stories and badges.
For creators, subscriptions offer the ability to earn money by publishing exclusive content. It rewards your most engaged backers and provides recurring income to creators.
Creator @AlanChikinChow’s profile shows a “Subscribe” button, which leads to more information on what you’ll get for $0.99 per month.


You can earn a lot of money by this way because Instagram is now growing day by day. Now its users are competing with Facebook users.as by a latest report 2.8 billion people use Facebook monthly and Instagram has 1 billion users only in 9 years after the launch.
The way that Instagram is growing day by day it is sure that after some time as a valuable force because they are earning a lot of money by posting their photos only that they have taken.you have a good chance to earn lot of money by Instagram by posting your pictures on Instagram and almost 500 million stories are being posted everyday on Instagram.


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