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Let The Flowers Be Part Of Festive Celebrations With Full Power

Have you ever tried talking to a flower?

Does this question sound fanatic to you?

Well, it may, but the practical response to the question can make you experience what you haven’t till yet. We won’t say that you will be experiencing heaven or something of that level, but it will surely be something outlandish.

Ohh, the word ‘outlandish’ just made us remember the festive season and its outlandish celebrations that only Indians can think of and execute.

We know that you can understand the zest and zeal that push people to celebrate the festivals, and so we want you to add floral fantasticness to your outlandish celebrations with full power. It will let you experience what we want you to experience by doing ‘flower talking’.

And we will lead and guide you on bringing the flowers into your celebrations!

The Pooja Essentials

Indian culture has always been an admirer of what nature has given us, and we think of natural things as divine. Flowers have a very divine and worship-worthy significance in our Pooja routine. From making flavours for sweets that are used as Prasad to offering to the Gods and Goddesses, flowers are just inseparable. Read and know about the significance of using different flowers in Pooja things on different festivals and use them accordingly. You can collect used or buy fresh flowers online and make incense sticks using them by learning the process from a tutorial video. Make glands for God’s idols using scented and fresh flowers.

Home Decor

Making a home look beautiful from the inside and outside is a thing that we Indians love to do wherever we have to celebrate a cultural festival because we love our traditions and we adore their coming into our life. You can choose so many things to decorate your homes, like wall frames, ready-made Rangoli, and wall hanging decorations. But don’t forget to make colourful decorations with fresh flowers. And how differently you can use flowers; let’s look at the options:

  • Decorate every door with flower strings
  • You can make rangoli designs using flower petals. It will make your rangoli eco-friendly
  • Use flower plants to make your indoors and outdoors look colourful and healthy
  • Pluck flowers from just beneath the petal group and let them float in a water-filled vessel
  • You can make a flower chandelier to spruce up your ceiling with a new festive look

Make Floral Gifting Gestures

Flowers are considered the best conveyors of emotions, making them a great gifting option. And if you don’t believe us, go by the sale numbers that flowers bring in for florists around the world. You can choose to surprise your dear one with floral arrangements, like bouquets, flower boxes, message flower boxes, and more beautiful arrangements. The selection of flower type can depend on the relationship we share with the person or the family we will meet and greet with flowers at festivals. With services like flower delivery in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad or where your dear ones reside, you can celebrate the festivals even from hours away. You can also gift indoor flowering plants.

Floral Inspired Attires

Ethnic is what we choose to get ready for pictures at festivals and big family gatherings ask you to get ready with perfect ethnic wear. This festive season, you can choose floral-inspired attires to look different and quite classy. If you are hosting a party at your palace, you can ask the invitees to show up in attire that is inspired by flowers in some or the other way. Even a simple thing like placing a real flower in the pocket on the upper wear can make it such a beautiful gathering, and it will be calming too.

If you are able to do any of the above or all, you will know how beautiful it is to stay around the flowers. The kind of creative boost and the vibrations of calm that flows through your veins is something that is purely outlandish.

And as many flowers will need to be plucked, no matter which way you pick to ensure the flower’s power in your celebrations, make sure that you plant some flowering plants to balance it out with our dearest nature.

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