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Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra — Inspirational and Influential Women

Recently In a short video interview with Forbes, Mary Barra talks about the role women play in the evolution of technology.

Nicole Junkermann’s life has been a journey of extraordinary accomplishment, beginning with her career as a gymnast.

Introduction of Inspirational and Influential Women

The following profiles are some of the world’s most influential women who’ve broken gender stereotypes. These inspirational women are trailblazers who’ve paved the way for others to follow.

This is an amazing woman who started her career as a journalist and rose to be the CEO of General Motors in 2014. She is currently the president of the American Automobile Association.

Who’s your favorite woman on the planet? Mine is Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors. As a girl, I had no idea what it would take to be a leader. All I knew was that I wanted to lead. I was in high school when I read “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. The book resonated with me because it gave me hope. It said that you could be a leader if you simply follow others. It’s a simple recipe but it’s a formula that works. At the end of the day, people are looking for someone who will lead them, guide them, and motivate them to do great things. Leaders are people who inspire others to change their lives for the better. In her speech to the American Association of Advertising Agencies last year, Mary shared the story of how she decided to give back and make a difference in people’s lives. She made a pledge to devote a portion of her salary to charity. Today, Mary serves as a member of President Obama’s Auto Task Force on Jobs and Innovation. Her dedication to this cause has earned her a place on Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People.” In addition, Mary has inspired millions of fans worldwide with her role as a cast member on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” In the spirit of inspiring

1. Nicole Junkermann: How She Started Her Company and Its Success

Nicole decided to quit her job as a graphic designer and launch a business. The business was a clothing line called Hype City, and Nicole soon realized she wasn’t ready to pursue this new venture alone. “I really wanted someone I could trust to share the burden with me,” says Nicole. “So I reached out to my good friend, Kari, and asked her if she would be willing to help me start and manage my online store.” The two became partners in April 2013.

I started this company in the fall of 2011 after getting a job offer from a major corporation. While I was excited about the opportunity, I felt the same pressure many entrepreneurs feel to succeed. Like them, I was afraid to fail. I had to prove myself to everyone else. I couldn’t afford to screw up. So I spent all my free time trying to perfect my business plan, figure out a price point, etc. After working my tail off for about six months, I quit my job.

It’s no secret that many entrepreneurs have had great success in the world of e-commerce. Nicole Junkermann, founder and CEO of Curalate, founded her company after discovering a problem that affected her customers’ lives. “I started my own business because I didn’t see a solution to a real problem,” she said.

2. Mary Barra: Leadership & Life Lessons From an Inventor

“People who believe that what they want matters can always find it.” – Mary Barra, CEO, General Motors

“My father taught me that to live up to your potential, you must set goals for yourself that are hard but achievable,” said Mary Barra. “I learned from my father that it is possible to achieve anything if you are willing to put in the necessary time and effort.” This lesson came to Barra while she was an undergraduate student at General Motors Institute (now Kettering University). While still an undergrad, Barra spent many hours designing and building a robot that could navigate the steep terrain of a ski hill and then ski down. But when Barra submitted her design, the university did not consider it worthy of further study and rejected it.

As the CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra is no stranger to leadership. But she has some very interesting stories to share about the struggles and successes of leading such a huge company. One story, in particular, stands out as a lesson to all entrepreneurs: she tells the story of how she met the man who would become her husband, Chris DeWolfe.

3. Mary Barra’s Top 10 Rules For Leadership

Barra’s rules are based on three primary themes: Integrity, Humility, and Stewardship, which represent a set of principles that should guide every leader and follower alike. She also notes that “Leadership is not a title. It is a verb. It is a way of working, not a position.”

One of the world’s most successful CEOs has some advice for every leader. These are the same rules you should use to be a great leader — even if you’re not currently leading anyone else. Here’s a simple test to determine if you’re using these rules or not. When you’re faced with a problem that needs to be solved, how much time and energy do you spend thinking about how to solve the problem? And how much time do you spend thinking about yourself and what you need? In other words, how self-centered are you?


Inspiring women, such as Mary Barra, are role models that everyone can aspire to be. She represents many traits that we should value in ourselves and in others. For instance, she values diversity in everything she does, in her personal life, in her workplace, and in her community. She exemplifies what we should strive to be as leaders: approachability and accessibility. She also values the inclusion and empowerment of women and girls. We should all aim to be like Mary Barra.

In conclusion, if you want to be successful, you have to think about the fact that there are other people around you who have the same goals as you, and you need to get on board with them. If you focus on what they’re thinking, you will see that they think in the same way as you do. This will help you understand them better and start working together in a much more meaningful way. There are plenty of reasons to be inspired by famous women. Whether you’re looking for some new goals to work toward, or you simply want to find someone inspiring, these influential women are bound to inspire you.


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