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Are you planning to make a call to number details in pakistan but don’t know how the telephone numbering plan works there? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with all the number details in Pakistan that you need to know. From how telephone numbers are allocated to what area codes exist, and even how to make an international call, we’ve got you covered. So read on and become an expert in Pakistani phone numbers!

What is the pakistan telephone numbering plan?

The Pakistan telephone numbering plan is a system used to assign unique phone numbers to every individual and business in the country. The plan follows a hierarchical structure, with each number consisting of up to 11 digits.

The first two or three digits represent the area code, which indicates the geographical location of the subscriber. Following this is an additional seven or eight-digit number that identifies the specific subscriber’s line.

In addition to landline numbers, mobile phone numbers also follow this same numbering plan. However, they are assigned by different cellular operators operating in Pakistan.

It’s worth noting that there are certain reserved codes for emergency services such as police and hospitals as well as toll-free services like helplines and customer care centers.

Understanding how telephone numbers are structured in Pakistan can make it easier for you to navigate through making calls within both local and international boundaries.

How are telephone numbers allocated in pakistan?

In Pakistan, telephone numbers are allocated based on a geographical numbering plan. Each city or region has its own unique area code which is followed by a set of seven digits to form the complete phone number. The structure of the phone numbers in Pakistan is quite similar to that of other countries around the world.

The regulatory authority responsible for allocating and managing telephone numbers in Pakistan is called the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This organization works closely with telecommunication companies operating within the country to ensure that all telephone numbers are properly allocated and utilized.

When an individual or business applies for a new phone number, they must first select their desired area code from those available in their region. Once this has been done, PTA will assign them a unique seven-digit number that can be used as their permanent phone number.

While there are some specific regulations governing how telephone numbers are allocated in Pakistan, the process is relatively straightforward and easy to understand.

What are the area codes for Pakistan?

Pakistan has a comprehensive telephone numbering plan that includes area codes, also known as city codes. These codes are used for domestic calls within the country and can be helpful in determining. Where a call is coming from or going to.

Area codes in Pakistan vary depending on the location of the phone number being dialed. For example, Lahore’s area code is 42 while Karachi’s area code is 21. The combined regions of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Attock share an area code of 51.

If you’re unsure about what city or region an area code corresponds to. There are several online directories available that provide this information free of charge.

Understanding Pakistan’s telephone numbering plan including. Its various area codes can help make calling within the country easier and more efficient.

Next, you’ll need the area code for the specific city or region in Pakistan that you’re calling. Area codes in Pakistan range from two to four digits and are usually listed along with the local phone number.

If you’re calling from outside of Pakistan, it’s important to note that international calls can be expensive. Consider using internet-based options such as Skype or WhatsApp if possible.

Make sure to check time differences between your location and Pakistan before making. Your call so as not to disturb anyone during odd hours.

Following these steps should help you successfully make an international call to someone in Pakistan without hassle or confusion!


The telephone numbering plan in Pakistan is an organized system that assigns unique phone numbers to individuals and businesses. It uses a combination of area codes and subscriber numbers to ensure efficient communication across the country.

By following the guidelines provided in this article. You should now be able to navigate through the Pakistani phone number system with ease. So go ahead, pick up your phone and start dialing those digits!

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