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Ojos Locos Sports Cantina

What began as a buzz on Facebook has finally materialized in the form of San Antonio’s second ojos locos sports cantina, which is now holding a soft opening on the Southside and welcoming its first customers. The new eatery and watering hole can now be found in the location that was previously occupied by a Sears auto facility.

Residents of the Southside began spreading the word on Facebook in December that there would soon be an Ojos Locos opening up shop in their community. According to many posts, the ojos locos sports cantina would be located in the free-standing building that is located in the parking lot of South Park Mall, which is a pivotal location on the Southside. After further investigation, ojos locos sports cantina determined that the posters were accurate and that the company would be opening a new facility at the given address.

Timing of ojos locos sports cantina

On Sunday, May 30, the “soft opening” phase was initiated for the social media accounts that make up the Southside outpost, ojos locos sports cantina. It will continue till the 5th of June on Sunday. The time of this event is 5 o’clock in the evening. to 1 a.m. on Tuesday, May 31, and Wednesday, June 1, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon on both days. to 2 a.m. On both the 2nd and 3rd of June, Thursday and Friday, Ojos Locos will begin operating under its normal business hours, which means the doors will open at 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Then came the 11 o’clock hour. Until Sunday at midnight, if possible.

According to what is said on the company’s Facebook page, “South Side San Antonio, it’s about to go LOCO.”
According to the company’s website, ojos locos sports cantina was established in Dallas in the year 2010 with the goal of “catering to the Latino” in a sports bar setting with waiters that are “chicas coquetas and bonitas.” On the menu, you’ll find items such as burgers, tacos, wings, and other typical pub fare. There is one other Ojos Locos location in San Antonio, and it can be found at 5809 Northwest Loop 410.

In the next few weeks, South Park Mall is going to be getting. A brand new bowling alley, as well as a bowling alley and a movie theatre, both operated by EVO Entertainment. Dutch Bros. Coffee, a brand with roots in Oregon that is rapidly expanding its presence in San Antonio, recently opened a new location directly across the street from a shopping mall.

Address of ojos locos sports cantina

5809 Northwest Loop 410 is the address (west of Bandera Road).
Open from 11 a.m. ‘Til 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday, until midnight. Phone: (210) 448-5626Web: www.ojoslocos.comHigh/medium levels of expense and noise

This Monterrey-style sports bar and restaurant caters to a young demographic that frequents bars and has such a hip-hop party attitude that it makes Hooters and Fox & Hound seem like sterile establishments, especially on Thursdays. The servers here are known as “Chicas,” and they serve customers in scantily clad attire with the nickname.

Who visits this place?

Young professionals, fans of various sports, single men and women looking for romantic partners, motorcyclists, hard rockers, young guns, and members of the hip-hop nation all frequent this establishment. The early part of the week is dominated by baby boomers and families.

Back Of The House

There is a large selection of bottled and draught beer, as well as cocktails. And “balones” that are 100 ounces in size. The drink specials change often. Happy hour is held every day from 2 to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday

On the menu you’ll find a variety of appetizers such as ceviche, shrimp cocktails, poppers, and nachos, as well as entrées such as chicken

  • wings
  • hamburgers
  • tacos
  • fajitas
  • seafood platters

On Mondays and Wednesdays, you can get hot wings for fifty cents, and on Tuesdays. You can have tacos al pastor for one dollar each.

For die-hard sports fans. The sound of dozens of enormous flat-screen displays tuned to

  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • Fox Sports
  • Fuel TV
  • NBA

Is like music to their ears. However, when DJ Flex (Roy Jimenez) and MC Krazy Hec (Hector Castillo) are in the building with their subsonic speakers and light system, the music that is played is adult-oriented hip-hop, rap, dubstep, salsa, and club music.

Here’s the deal:

Check out the “Lingerie Fiesta” tonight; it has great cuisine. Loud music, plenty of seats, no scarcity of parking, and fun-loving hostesses. Whose opening line is “I’ll be your chica for the night.”

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