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What Is Optical Center?

Optical Center

I would like to welcome the optician works training Optical Center where today. we’re going to take a very slight side step and talk a little bit more about sales. before we take conceive the customer’s frames from the frame board and over. to the dispensing table like last week I realized I could


Not get a couple of housekeeping things before concise the customer arrives. one does not ever overlook kids’ frames for very petite women often work. out well in housekeeping 2 I would avoid getting caught up in any of that silly face shape stuff. or color stuff sometimes you put a diamond on a diamond. and it looks pretty darned good I did get a couple of emails from folks saying hey you were talking about power

Optical Center Frame

Optical Center frame matching what about rimless and semi-rimless you’re right I didn’t talk about. that because that will be a completely separate video coming up in a couple of months the last piece. of housekeeping, I would encourage you to avoid trying to grab somebody by the ankles. and drag them to your frame board or a particular brand hear me? out where I worked we carried the costa and Rudy project as high-end
The proprietary sun wears back in those days there was some good stuff we’d have someone come into the store. and say do you carry Optical Center and you know what I did I didn’t talk up costa I didn’t drag them over to the Rudy project. I said no we don’t but here’s a card for the gal down and carry town. who does I had stopped in talked with her gave her our card said hey I know you don’t

Optical Center Shopping

Somebody comes in looking for a coaster and sends over to us a nice reciprocal. thing going on if I’ve done my online shopping and all my friends are wearing the whatever. and you talk me into something else even if it’s a superior product every time. I get together with all my buddies for whatever it is and I’m the odd man out I’m not going to be happy thinking about. That in general brands proprietary stuff kind of put it in the back of your mind and right on time as usual here. is cosine the customer hello hi how are you good yourself doing well today thank you are you ready to go. I’m ready good find some frames all right last week when we wrapped this up we talked a little bit about what we were

Optical Center Sales

Going to do this week and that included talking a little bit more about sales. I asked cons I said hey is there anything that you would bring up again or bring up talking. about that subject and she immediately jumped. on reinforcing that we allow our customers to guide us on their frame choice. I am old been out of the game for a while right especially the younger generation. you’ve got to be careful with the gender-neutral.

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