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Planning to invest in new cryptocurrencies? Here are top 10 for 2022

Although cryptocurrency is almost synonymous with Bitcoin, yet the crypto world extends far beyond that. Bitcoin is the undisputed #1 while Ethereum is the #2- but a flurry of new crypto projects is also speaking of hope. Best bit about these latest crypto projects is that almost all of them have something novel and meaningful to offer. Over time, the crypto world has realized that coins built on mere hype won’t be able to thrive in the long-term. Thus, contemporary crypto developers are focused on developing purpose-driven new cryptos for 2022 and beyond. Also, the new cryptos for 2022 assure lower entry-point compared to the classics.

So, if you are looking to diversify your crypto investments portfolio with some fresh additions, you can surely give these new cryptos for 2022 a shot.

10 best new cryptocurrencies for 2022

  • Battle Infinity (IBAT)

One of the most ambitious new cryptos for 2022, Battle Infinity comes with a little bit of everything.

Well, at its core, it’s a cutting-edge P2E gaming portal that is represented by the Battle Games section.

But, there is more…

What makes Battle Infinity stand out among the new cryptos for 2022 is its multiple other platforms, added to the P2E section. Thus, the crypto ecosystem comes alive with a DEX exchange, NFT marketplace, fantasy sports platform, and Metaverse world. Much to the pleasure of IBAT investors, there is a staking section as well. Read more

  • Quant (QNT)

A major factor that has been preventing complete mainstream adoption of crypto is its interoperability glitch. The interoperability problem bars easy communication between multiple networks. And this is where Quant offers the long-awaited solution. In fact, Quant is the only one among the new cryptos for 2022 to keep interoperability challenges at bay.

Quant is driven by the mission to establish smooth connections between multiple networks and blockchain platforms. A rising favorite in 2021, QNT was down with price dips in the early part of 2022. However, as of July 2022, the coin is showing an upward swing and we had to keep it in the list of best new cryptos for 2022.

  • Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

To start with, LBLOCK has shown a tremendous rate of growth, reaching up to 3,200%+ within just 7 months of its launch in January this year. The coin price is now hovering at $0.005 from $0.00015.

So, what’s so amazing about LBLOCK and why have we got in our list of new cryptos for 2022?

Well, we have already discussed its awe-inspiring growth despite being a new coin in cut-throat competition. One of the best bits about Lucky Block is that it  has been developed with the goal to redefine the traditional P2E sector through a completely transparent and just ecosystem. The “fairness” quotient is achieved through smart contracts. Also, the platform allows global participation which eventually helps to accelerate its popularity and surge.

  • Theta (THETA)

When we are talking about new cryptos for 2022, we are referring to coins that hold the potential to bring a new change to the world, irrespective of the industry.

One such revolutionary new cryptos for 2022 is definitely Theta. The coolest part about Theta is that it aims to redefine video streaming and for better- through the novel power of decentralization. We have several content creating platforms online but they are always controlled by one single central authority. The decentralized environment in video streaming, as introduced by Theta, will hopefully make the payment process just and fair for content creators. Also, content creators will have more control over their contents with Theta.

  • Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Among the new cryptos for 2022 that were released this year, Hedera Hashgraph definitely deserves special mention. One major reason is that the  crypto project has been built on a one-of-a-kind blockchain platform which is different from traditional blockchains for other crypto projects. The crypto project operates on state-of-the-art DAG protocol- one of the latest advancements assuring accelerated transaction speeds and improved transaction volume.

If you want numbers, well, Hedera Hashgraph is now able to process 100,000 TPS. Do we need more reasons to have it on our list of new cryptos for 2022?

  • Fantom (FTM)

It won’t be too wild to claim that Fantom is probably a close cousin of Hedera Hashgraph? Why so? Well, one among the game-changing new cryptos for 2022, Fantom has been built on similar tech that is being used to power up its HBAR counterpart. The end result is a fascinatingly high speed of transaction as well as reduced fees. Don’t you think FTM is a must-have in our list of top new cryptos for 2022?

  • DeFinex Finance (DFNX)

Another major challenge behind delaying mainstream adoption of crypto is the cutting-tech barriers prevalent with futuristic blockchain and DeFi technologies. Developed on Binance Chain, DeFinex Finance aims to make things simpler for layman investors with its user-friendly platform. But, that’s not the only reason to have this multifaceted ecosystem on our list of top new cryptos for 2022.

DeFinex makes crypto investment lucrative even for layman investors with its multiple beneficial features, such as 10% burn, buyback facility, staking opportunity, as well as blazing and affordable transactions.

  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

If you are looking for the most promising meme coins in the list of new cryptos for 2022, count on Dogecoin.

Not only is the coin bustling with a widespread and proactive community, it is also a top favorite of some of the most influential figures of the world. DOGE managed to churn up double-digit gains even after plummeting to a ghastly low in the May 2022 crash. If you are looking for new cryptos for 2022 for short-term gains, DOGE would make a great pick.

  • My Freedom Coin (MFC)

How about a crypto project that is driven by the mission and tech to prevent crypto crash? Well, it’s the exact same ethos that MFC has been built upon. Do we really need any other reason to have it on our list for new cryptos for 2022?

Somewhat akin to Battle Infinity, My Freedom Coin is packed with multiple platforms- crypto exchange, wallet, native currency-  and wait, a bank! Our list of new cryptos for 2022 had been incomplete without MFC.

  • Polygon (MATIC)

We will wind up the list of best new cryptos for 2022 with Polygon.

Ever since The Sandbox switched over to Polygon from none other than Ethereum, crypto analysts are pinning hope on Polygon.

Then, of course, the multi-faceted Polygon coin assures some of the best staking rewards APY in the industry.

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