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Solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat is a company that you should consider looking into if you are interested in purchasing new security stocks. The security expert co-op has successfully completed a Series A funding round, which brought in a total of $20 million. It will be able to grow and become a larger firm with the assistance of this funding.

Forgepoint Capital

SolCyber, a managed security service provider, has just completed a Series A investment round that brought in a total of twenty million dollars. The round was led by ForgePoint Capital. The business intends to put the funds into broadening its product offering and intensifying its attempts to penetrate new markets. The company is preparing for growth at a time when the number of reported cybercrimes is increasing.According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by ForgePoint, more than eighty percent of top IT executives reported that their companies lacked the adequate protection necessary to fend off cybercrime. It is thought that online crime costs businesses about $10,500,000,000,000,000 per year.
The Series A investment that SolCyber was able to get will help the company grow its product offerings, improve its brand name, increase the amount of work it puts into acquiring customers, and increase the amount of effort it puts into promoting itself.

The funds will be put to use by the new company to increase their workforce. One of the most reputable names in the world of internet protection investment funds is ForgePoint Capital. The portfolio of the corporation includes 10 new internet security organisations, which were only recently added. 1Kosmos, DeepSee, Rafey, and Dependable Digital are some of the firms that fall within this category.

Currently, Solcyber 20m capital wiggersventurebeat

Currently, solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat with more than 30 active portfolio companies, Forgepoint Capital is now the most active cybersecurity venture capital firm in the world. The advisory board of the company is comprised of seventy-five prominent professionals from a variety of sectors. In addition to providing financial support to new businesses in the cybersecurity industry, Forgepoint has also purchased other companies. In its portfolio is a service called Surefire Cyber, which helps cyber insurers and brokers deal with cyber events.
The digital security industry will initially serve as the fund’s primary emphasis. The animal’s name in its native language, Chinese, means “rabbit.” The fund will make investments in companies that are responsible for the development and continuation of the Internet’s future. The amount of initial money obtained by solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat has recently increased to $20 million. It is the year of the rabbit in the Chinese calendar. Gen Ju Dao Gartner is the one in charge of it.
The business now has a workforce of around twelve individuals, but they have hoped to increase that number to twenty by the end of the year. It intends to compete in the information security sector, which is anticipated to have more than 170 billion dollars in spending by the year 2022. Email security, protection from abusive use of Active Directory, and protection against administrative exploits are all components of the company’s IT stack. In addition to this, it is able to provide security training, staff phishing awareness training, as well as skills for a security operations centre. Although it has a complete technology stack, it does not yet have any income.

The security solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat

SolCyber, a managed cybersecurity business, has emerged from stealth mode with $20 million in funding.
Solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat, a managed security service provider, has emerged from stealth today with $20 million in series A fundraising led by ForgePoint Capital Today also marks the company’s exit from stealth mode. The firm has stated that it plans to use the revenues to expand its go-to-market activities as well as improve its goods and services. This is particularly important as the company prepares for growth.


The year 2020 will go down in history as having the greatest cyberattacks and data breaches of any year ever recorded worldwide. Despite increased spending on information technology security, one poll found that more than 80% of top IT personnel and security leaders believe their companies are not adequately protected against cyberattacks. It takes around 80 days on average to discover and stop a data breach at this point, and it is estimated that global losses due to cybercrime will amount to $10.5 trillion annually by the year 2025.
ForgePoint Capital saw a need to meet the rising need for more robust cybersecurity solutions. And decided to start solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat to meet that demand. In order to launch and develop the firm, Scott McCrady was given the role of CEO in order to launch and develop the firm.
Since the company’s beginning, we have placed an intense amount of attention. And effort into developing an all-encompassing security stack for our clients, which is based on hundreds of talks with end users. Following the announcement made today, we will now put an increased emphasis on client acquisition. We presently have a few clients participating in our beta test. And we are on schedule to have one thousand end users by the middle of August. “McCrady stated in an email to VentureBeat.

Technology Stack

Technology stack with an emphasis on security SolCyber’s technology stack comprises endpoints with expanded detection. And response capabilities, email security, protection against misuse of Active Directory, and admin exploitation prevention. Customers receive other services in addition to this, such as security training and staff phishing training. As well as the capabilities of a security operations center to offer correlations. 365-day log retention, 24-hour monitoring, and other services. ” Everything mentioned above will be included as standard under a straightforward price plan based on the number of users. McCrady explained that solcyber forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat takes a unique approach to “space.” ” One of the use cases that comes up frequently in conversations with clients is. “What are the top five things I need to do to dramatically strengthen my security posture?”

Purchase Cyber Insurance

When it comes to purchasing cyber insurance, this is very important to keep in mind. There must be security in place that begins at the foundation. We meet this need by giving our customers technology and services that quickly increase. Their level of security and answer the many questions cyber insurance companies have about the current security measures.
SolCyber, which claims to have “very low quantities of money” at the moment, is a company that employs twelve people. However, the organization has plans to increase the size of its personnel to twenty by the end of the year. In an effort to compete in the information security industry. Which Gartner experts predict will see spending of more than $170.04 billion in 2022.

[Cybersecurity firms], in addition to a wide variety of other security goods and services, have benefited from the pandemic’s tailwind. According to McCrady, “the barriers of the company are continuing to dematerialize due to the proliferation of cloud (and now remote) job tasks.” “All of this adds to the necessity for reliable security solutions. And services that can keep enterprises secure regardless of the many sorts of networks and working places. That are formed as a result of the pandemic,” says one expert.

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