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What you need to know before travelling to Mexico during the Covid-19 earthquake and its aftermath

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Mexico while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, the following is some information that you should be aware of and prepared for.
The most recent

Before entering the United States, visitors are no longer need to undergo a test to determine whether or not they are negative for the Covid-19 virus. This decision was made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. This will make it easier for American citizens to travel back to the United States from Mexico. Americans make up a significant portion of the tourism industry in Mexico.

The fundamentals

Mexico is not closing its doors to tourists. The majority of hotels and resorts ask visitors to take out health questionnaires upon arrival; nevertheless, there is no requirement for tourists to present a negative PCR test or to undergo quarantine.

What kinds of things are available?

Mexico is home to some of the world’s most delicious cuisine, jaw-dropping beaches, quaint villages, and fascinating archaeological sites.

The majority of tourists head to the beach resorts in and around Cancun, while those who want something more than a “fly and flop” vacation head to Mexico City, the coastline of Baja California, and historic cities such as Oaxaca.

Who can go

Since the epidemic, Mexico has had arguably of the laxest border regulations in the world, allowing anyone to travel by plane for either business or pleasure regardless of their nationality.

Since November 8, 2021, the land border between the United States and Mexico has once again been opened for travel that is not considered to be vital.

What kinds of limitations are there?

Visitors entering the country are exempt from the requirement to fill out a health declaration form beginning in March of 2022.

Before you leave, there is no requirement for you to get checked out or go through any kind of quarantine. Those who suspect that they may be experiencing symptoms are encouraged to get in touch with the Sanidad Internacional health group.

It’s possible that certain Mexican states or cities have more stringent regulations than the country as a whole. Before making any firm plans, vacationers should check with the front desk of their hotels or resorts to see if there are any directives from the community.

Where does the situation stand with Covid?

As of the 15th of June, Mexico reported around 5.83 million cases of Covid-19 and approximately 325,000 deaths due to the virus.

Mexico had delivered around 208.6 million doses of vaccine as of the 15th of June, which is equivalent to 160 doses per 100 individuals. In comparison, Canada has given approximately 225 doses per 100 people whereas the United States has only administered approximately 178 doses per 100 people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States placed Mexico on Level 3 (high) for the Covid-19 risk scale on June 15th.

Reports appeared daily. Covid-19 cases

What should they anticipate when they come?

Travelers who are going back to locations that require them can take advantage of on-site Covid-19 testing at a number of hotels and lodging companies. Before you go, you should inquire about on-site testing with the hotel you will be staying at.

It is possible for travellers to discover that circumstances change depending on the region of the country to which they go because local limitations might range widely. For more detailed information, please see the section of the US Embassy website titled “Local Resources.”
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