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Best Encryption Software Of 2022: Securing Files Easily

There are various encryption software options available when it comes to securing your personal information.

So, what are the most effective tools for securing files?

We have six alternatives; some are free, and others are not. Regardless, each adds its unique flavor to the table, whether in usefulness, usability, or security. We’ll offer a brief introduction to each piece of software, but if you want to learn more, read our in-depth study.

Sign up for a Boxcryptor account if you want to avoid the controversy. Premium membership is worth the price if you want to utilize all of Boxcryptor’s capabilities.

If you’re looking for a speedy piece of software, Boxcryptor is your best bet. It does everything correctly, from usability to functionality to security.

Best Encryption Software of 2022: Securing Files Easily


In a market dominated by open-source encryption software, Boxcryptor provides a more commercial approach. A feature-rich closed system, Boxcryptor compensates for its lack of adaptability for computer geeks.

There is a generous free plan, as well as fair commercial prices.

The simplicity with which Boxcryptor may be used is what stands out. It simplifies a complex piece of software for the average user. As soon as you install the program, the cloud storage folders placed on your computer will be recognized and added as destinations.

Simply drag files and folders into the designated location, where they will be encrypted without any more effort.

Boxcryptor allows you to share encrypted files with over 30 cloud service providers, but you may also transmit data directly. Of course, a Boxcryptor account is required to access the encrypted data.

To do so, however, is entirely at your peril. With Boxcryptor’s restricted free plan, securely sharing sensitive data isn’t a problem.


One of the best alternatives to TrueCrypt is Cryptomator, a fork of the original. As a result, Cryptomator is a more user-friendly and secure alternative to Boxcryptor.

The free encryption program Cryptomator is fantastic.

In contrast to Boxcryptor, Cryptomator is ad-free (though you can read our Cryptomator vs. Boxcryptor piece for a complete comparison). To utilize the software, you’re invited to donate. However, it’s optional.

The fact that Crytomator is completely free astounds me, given how user-friendly it is. However, the lack of a price tag has several disadvantages, the most significant of which is functioning.

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Cryptomator isn’t the best encryption software since it doesn’t connect to third-party services. There are several cloud storage providers, but Cryptomator generates a folder structure instead of a single encrypted vault.

There can be some awkwardness in dragging files to the desired location.

Although Cryptomator seems to be commercial software, it is free. Although full-disk encryption isn’t available, Cryptomator is the best free option for encrypting individual files.

Please read our Cryptomator review or download and use it for yourself to better understand the product.


NordLocker was made available by Telecom, the large IT firm behind NordVPN and WordPress. NordLocker is an acceptable alternative to a virtual private network (VPN) if you need to secure your files.

Our list includes it since it is so easy to use. Viewing encrypted files and folders with NordLocker is a Windows Explorer-like experience.

As an alternative to Cryptomator, you’ll need to create a single file containing all the lockers you want to create. Even though it seems to be a single encrypted file, your safe may contain an entire folder structure.

Many file formats and sizes are supported by NordLocker, making it simple to protect data. You’ll have to fork out a large sum of cash if you want unlimited support.

NordLocker is one of the most expensive encryption software packages on the market, even with its limited free plan.


Founded in 2001, AxCrypt is among the first encryption tools available. It’s a valuable tool with a wide range of security and privacy options.

However, if you want it to be a huge success, you’ll have to get your hands dirty. Due to AxCrypt’s default settings, some of your data are at risk.

AxCrypt’s handling of subfolders is the root of the problem. Subfolders inside an encrypted folder are not encrypted by default with AxCrypt.

This means you can unencrypted transfer a few subfolders beneath a parent folder. Fortunately, the “include subfolders” option may help you avoid this issue.

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AxCrypt, on the other hand, is excellent. Free and paid options are available. But we’d rather pay for the full version.

It has 256-bit AES encryption, while the free plan only has 128-bit AES protection. Despite this, it uses AES encryption to protect your data.


If you’re looking for a primary encryption tool, BitLocker is the best option. It’s a common feature in all versions of Windows: BitLocker encryption.

Despite its shortcomings, BitLocker can encrypt a whole hard disc.

This means it does not qualify as file encryption software, unlike the other options on this list.

The BitLocker system does not handle your files or folders, although they are encrypted. As the name implies, it is a disc encryption tool that can protect a complete disc and individual volumes.

However, you’ll be better off if you don’t use BitLocker recklessly. Because BitLocker encrypts data when the encrypted disc is booted from removable media, it is subject to cold boot attacks.

In addition, BitLocker keys are stored in system memory, leaving them susceptible to future attacks.BitLocker should not discourage you from utilizing it despite these security issues.

For the encryption to be broken, the attacker would first need to get access to your machine. Windows Pro and Enterprise users that need full-disk encryption may use BitLocker.


After TrueCrypt was decommissioned in 2014, VeraCrypt emerged as one of the most popular forks based on the source code. One of the best encryption programs for techies is VeraCrypt, despite its difficulty in usage.

Before discussing the capabilities, it’s important to point out that VeraCrypt is a free encryption tool. Even though it lacks some of the features present in Boxcryptor and NordLocker, it’s hard to lament the fact that it’s free.

Alternatively, you may make a gift to the project that will benefit the small team of developers.

File encryption, whole-disk, and system encryption are all supported by VeraCrypt. As a result of this behavior, Windows interprets everything as a single unit of measurement (VRM).

A volume must be created, and its size must be determined before any files can be stored on it. No matter how much data you save on the disc, it will still seem the same size as when you installed the application.

There are few differentiating qualities when it comes to plausible denial. An operating system or a volume may be hidden inside another volume if you want.

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