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Best Jacket Brands

1 Marmot : Budget-Friendly Winter Jacket Brand

Marmot was established in 1974 by three people who were bound by their love for the great outdoors. They decided to name the company “Marmot”, after the beloved and sturdy ground squirrel that was found in their most beloved mountains. The brand later landed prominent roles in a Clint Eastwood film, The Eiger Sanction. After this, the brand’s reputation for cutting-edge and innovative outdoor gear began to grow.

Marmot manufactures a wide range of products that are innovative and comprise many of the latest technologies. These include backpacks, tents as well as sleeping bags and, of course, their huge selection of low-cost jackets. As with many of its competitors this brand is able to provide everything in terms of outerwear related. With warm, fleece-lined jackets all the way to waterproof and breathable raincoats, the brand has something for every outdoor pursuit.

What distinguishes Marmot above other brands is how they incorporate technologies into their outdoor clothing and equipment. They have waterproof NanoPro coating that keeps you dry, breathable warmth to stay warm and a host of other features.

A winter jacket that combines all options like these is Marmot’s PreCip Eco Jacket. It’s a great, rain jacket that is lightweight and designed to be used for backpacking, hiking and casual wearing (check out this guide for other options for rain jackets). For something more substantial and warmer it is the Marmot Wiley Fleece can be an excellent choice as well.

  1. The North Face: Best Winter Parka Brand

It is believed that the North Face brand’s name comes from the northern face of Half Dome in Yosemite, California. This mountain’s face is considered to be one of the most challenging climbs in the world. In a fitting way, the North Face focuses on creating innovations in outerwear and equipment for hikers and climbers who are serious. (If you’re looking for more hiking gear recommendations look at this post.)

The North Face has a reputation for its premium mountain apparel. In the past, this brand has sponsored and endorsed expeditions to remote regions such as Shishapangma as well as The Towers of Tigray. Through this the company could research and test the most appropriate materials, structures and construction of its jackets as well as other equipment.

The North Face offers some of the most stylish winter rick owens jacket for women and men. From light coats, to three-in-1 jackets that rival Mt. Everest There’s something that will suit a variety of occasions and fashion preferences.

One of my top jackets from this brand include those from the Apex Bionic 2 softshell jackets as well as the Arctic Down Parka. As with the majority of Apex’s jackets they are weatherproof and provide excellent insulation, allowing you to stay dry and warm wherever your trip is.

  1. Canada Goose: Luxury Name Brand Jackets

Canada Goose was founded in the small space of a warehouse in Toronto more than 60 years ago. The company was initially a producer of pieces to satisfy the requirements of people working in Canada’s Canadian Arctic. The company has since become one of most renowned makers of premium apparel.

There are very few brands that can combine arctic performance and stylish urban outerwear, such as Canada Goose. And that’s not even mentioning the outstanding quality of every item, guaranteeing the product is sturdy and lasts for a long time.

Quality is the most important thing to the business. Every piece is made by hand and goes through 13 production steps prior to packing and shipping. The company also takes pride with its tagline “Made in Canada”, which is a pledge to its customers that each item is made in the same place from which it gets its source of inspiration.

Because they’re built to last, many people love the Canada Goose jackets, particularly when temperatures are arctic. They’re also made from premium and ethically-sourced materials. This includes Merino wool from Argentina and down, which is often utilized for Canada Goose jackets.

Down is the soft, fluffy layer of feathers of waterfowl which help in keeping them warm with natural insulation. With a water-resistant finish that is present in the majority the jackets from Canada Goose ensure you are dry as well as keep you feeling snug.

Of the numerous jackets to choose from One of my top choices are one of my favorites, the MacMillan Down Parka. It’s a fantastic choice for those looking for a jacket that is practical and stylish.

  1. Mountain Hardwear: Best Lightweight Winter Jackets

Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 by an unidentified collection of outdoors enthusiasts. They noticed the market changing as it began to dumb down its products to appeal to users who are less tech-savvy. Mountain Hardwear was created to counter this trend and remain faithful to the demands of those who love the outdoors.

In the present, Mountain Hardwear is a well-known apparel brand that seeks to develop equipment for outdoor that helps outdoor athletes. The brand defines outdoor enthusiasts as people who are enthused by being outdoors. From expert climbers to weekend day hikers The brand has an array of products for everyone.

Mountain Hardwear believes that the most efficient performance comes from specially designed products made of the best technology and materials. This is evident in the majority of their items including their jackets. Mountain Hardwear jackets offer users with a better outdoor experience by ensuring a good fit, temperature control, weather protection, as well as control of moisture.

Mountain Hardwear offers everything from lightweight jackets to snow shells that are insulated. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality jacket that’s useful and adaptable The Ghost Whisperer is a good choice. The hooded down is among the lightest available in its class and retains its loft even in the rain, for us to stay dry and comfortable.

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