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Everything You Need to Know About the OnePlus Smart Android TV

Ever thought that television sets could work with intelligent commands? The latest OnePlus range of smart TVs transforms that into reality. Smart TVs made their appearance in markets only recently, but today, they rank at the top of the hottest-selling charts when it comes to home appliances. Most customers are now looking for a model that offers them the latest features and smart connectivity options. 

Essentially, what such a TV model does is give you greater access to multimedia options. That means you can connect it to – or pair with a secondary device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop and transfer data, stream parallel content and enjoy immersive gaming as well. Besides these many features, a smart TV also works with Google Assistant and other intelligent voice assistants, which can be operated with remote control or even apps that you can download on your smartphone. 

The OnePlus smart TVs come from a long line of the brand’s legacy of designing quality products. In addition, the products are also manufactured keeping a warranty period in mind, so you can be assured that your investment proves to be worthwhile. If you are thinking about buying a OnePlus TV on EMI. Following are some of the most important characteristics of the OnePlus TVs that you can check:

Smart TV Features

With the OnePlus range of TVs, you get to experience a tectonic shift in technology. The brand is known to incorporate the latest features in its smartphones, and now that has extended to its TVs. Smart features can let you connect your smartphone to your Android TV set with the Miracast feature, available only on Android devices. The features can sync your TV screen with your secondary device’s, called Screen Mirroring. With such a facility, you can enjoy twin screens, play your favourite games or stream audio-visual content seamlessly.

Android Compatibility 

According to worldwide data surveys, Android is the most preferred operating system (OS) in the tech world, as compared to iOS or Windows OS. The software is one of the most convenient programs to be created in tech history, for its simple interface and easy user navigation has become a top feature among innovation enthusiasts. The OnePlus smart TV is designed to be compatible with the latest version of Android OS. What does that mean for a customer? For one, it becomes superbly simple to navigate between screens. Second, it is more convenient to connect it to your devices. Ultimately, it is an impressive, futuristic product. 

Bezel-Less Designs

The bezel can roughly be defined as the frame that surrounds your Android TV. Today, modern-looking TV sets prefer a bezel-less design, which give them a minimalist overall look and sleek build. The OnePlus smart TVs come with a bezel-less design that reduces the overall bulk of the product, so it can look modern and aesthetically pleasing. Besides that, a bezel-less design can also affect your viewing comfort, for it hints at a pseudo-infinity displayone that you generally see on your smartphones.

Multiple Ports for Multi Connectivity

The OnePlus smart TVs are innovations that stay ahead of the curve by doing more than what’s required in a typical television. Want to view your pictures and videos on a larger-than-life screen? With the HDMI and USB ports built into the body of the Android TV, you can use a connecting cable and sync your smartphone or tablet instantly. In particular models such as the OnePlus 125.7 cm (50-inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (U-Series 50U1S), you also get 3 HDMI ports for greater access and functionality features. 

Internet Connectivity & App Usage

If you thought that you can use the internet only on your smartphone or laptop, you couldn’t be more wrong. On the OnePlus smart TV, you can connect to the internet to stream YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and more apps. Download your favourite apps such as Spotify, Amazon Prime Video and the OnePlus Connect app to play music, watch movies and do more with your Android TV. You can use a wireless connection like Wi-Fi or mobile internet to avail of such services at your fingertips.

Because of these features, OnePlus TVs have become extremely popular. OnePlus Android TVs run on the latest Android OS and come with a bouquet of impressive features and specifications. With eye-catching designs and multiple connectivity options, these TVs are more than just regular LED TVs.

Buy OnePlus Smart Android TV at the Bajaj Mall

Thinking of switching your old TV model for the new OnePlus smart TV? Now, it is entirely possible to save up on your expenses even if you choose a luxury model from the Android TV range. At the Bajaj Mall, you can purchase  Android TV on EMI and pay your amount in flexible installments over a comfortable tenor, the duration of which is up to you to decide. It can range anywhere between 3 and 24 months.

You can also choose a model that comes with a zero down payment policy, and purchase your without paying a single penny at the outset. Cover your amount per your convenience, and enjoy using your OnePlus smart TV.

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